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FAQ on ESI Scheme View

I am unable to login to the ESIC Portal? Error shown is “Authentication Failed”
Sometimes there are server issues in ESIC portal, after a period it is automatically rectified in most cases.
But there may be instances where the Employer has to request for resetting of new password through “Forgot password link” and then use the password which would be received in the registered e mail id.

I have tried using the “Forgot password link”, but I did not receive password? Error shown “Given Email ID is wrong”
Password is send only to the email id which is available in the system. In case the given mail id is wrong/unused then contact Revenue Branch Officer with a request letter. (Letter head with seal and below mentioned details should be given to Revenue Branch Officer, ESIC, SRO Coimbatore “proprietor name, contact number and mail ID(not personal / company mail ID only)

Employer requested details are updated through “Update employer details” in DA Registration / DA Revenue and that 3 level approval is required. After that password reset through “Forgot password link”.

I have tried to “Forgot password link”. That password also not opened?
This is system generated password so you may have wrongly entered this. Kindly use copy & paste method (case sensitive and some characters you may have not understand, ex. 1 & l, 0 & O).

System generated password also not opened? (password copy & paste only)
Sometimes code number status is not in active/register. Kindly contact Revenue Branch Officer with request letter with reason for not filing of the returns for the periods for which no compliance was made. (Letter head with seal and below details should be should be to Revenue Branch Officer, ESIC, SRO “proprietor name, contact number and mail ID(not personal / company mail ID only)
If for long time returns are not filed then such employers are shifted to not active status. ESIC staff can change the status through Revenue Branch Officer login  Registration  Change employer status  select “Register” and submit. After that password reset through “Forgot password link”.

While generating challan through employer portal sometimes many challans are created for the same month and same amount? How to pay the contribution / defaulter amount?
Kindly pay against the correct challan and if multiple correct challans then only with any one challan. After that other challans cancel / deletion request to Revenue Branch Officer, SRO with the proof that the same amount is paid through a challan and other challans are duplication.

I have tried to register the New Factory / establishment, new password is locked? I did not open it and I have sent a mail to It care also but as on date no reply received from IT care,
Kindly submit the preliminary details once again through “signup” option. But kindly use any other e-mail ID and mobile number.

I have created a New employer code with password also. But I am unable to update the employer details. Error shown in “Pending with DA registration, ESIC”
After approval of 3 levels only you can update the employer details. Letter head with seal and below mentioned details should be send to Revenue Branch Officer, ESIC, SRO “proprietor name, contact number and mail ID(not personal / company mail ID only

I have submitted new factory / establishment details through online. But I did not receive C-11 and code number through mail. Error has shown “New Employer Registration, Advance contribution challan”. Actually I have submitted manufacturing unit details.
Letter head with seal and below mentioned details should be mentioned “Factory name, Address, proprietor name, contact number and mail ID and submitted to Inspection Branch Officer.

While submitting of New Employer registration one more code number received through portal?
Kindly give the code number which is to be cancelled with a request containing the details of both the code numbers such as company name with address details and proprietor details.
ESIC staff should be able to cancel through “Form 01 submission” in DA Registration  Task details

While submitting of New Employee registration one more Insurance number received through portal?
While submitting of monthly contribution you have to file the correct Insurance Number of the Inusred Person and in the case of the other incorrect number, days and wages should be mentioned as “Zero” (0) and select the reason “Does not belong to this employer”. (Automatically one IP number is deactivated)

While submitting of New Employer registration employee details screen is not opened?
Please select option and select allow Pop Ups as Pop Up Blocker has disallowed opening of other window. Once Pop Ups are allowed then the other windows are opened. (Click  options  select “Always allow popup”)

We are unable to edit the employee details. Edit employee details screen is opened and we are able to view the employee details also. But while selecting option button (ie. Personal details / Address details / Family details) no window is opened?
After disabling of Popup blocker then only another window is opened. (Click  options  select “Always allow popup”)

Sl. NoError shownSolution
1.Null value present in your excel sheetAny cell is empty / reason code is wrong
2.Given date is wrongIn the Date column you must give the completed month date only. Ex. If you upload in Oct-16 than your left date is up to 30-9-16 only.
3.Below numbers not exist in your excel sheetSome IP numbers is live in this employer code. But employer does not give the salary details in this excel sheet.
4.IP numbers are not validLive IP numbers only added in your excel sheet.
a)If below IP number does not exist in your employer code then first you should insert this IP number.
b)Kindly check below IP numbers their date of appointment.
5.Duplicate IP numbersSame IP number used for different IP name.
6.Microsoft OLE/DB errorKindly remove any formulas inserted by you in your excel sheet.
Kindly download fresh MC Template. Before uploading of MC Template you should copy / paste the valid cells i.e., Do not copy with empty cells.
7.‘=’ string operatorMay be columns did not convert text
Text conversion done but not uploaded then you should send a mail to IT helpdesk with excel sheet.
8.While submitting contribution details total wages and contribution details are shown but after clicking of submit button error shown “server busy try later”Send a mail to IT helpdesk with excel sheet.
9.Contribution details are submitted but due to power failure we were unable to generate challan.Challan can be generated through “Generate challan link”
10.Challan generated but challan number does not exist in modify challan linkChallans generated upto Mar-15 which are unpaid or unrealized only are reflected in modify challan link. Challans created after March2015 the challan numbers are captured through Pay e-challan link.
11.How to pay the arrears amount for IPsSubmitted through supplementary contribution.
Amount column you should give the total amount of already paid wages and arrear wages.
Ex. For the month of March-16 wage details submitted Rs.5000/- , now arrear amount is Rs.2000/- then you should give the Rs.7000/- for supplementary details.
12.Supplementary contribution details are submitted but challan not generated.1st you should verify the amount is different for due and paid column, if different then only generate challan through generate challan link.
If amount due and paid is same then you should verify the contribution details.
13.One Ip number is duplicated for another IP numberKindly change correct IP number in your excel sheet. Contribution details are merged by the system itself and correct IP number is reflected in your employer code also.
14.IP number is duplicated kindly contact the ESIC, Branch OfficeMore than one IP numbers exist in respect of the same Insured Person, but some details are different (ie. Name / father name/ DOB/ Dump).
In these cases they not merged automatically. So you should give the letter to BOM under the Company’s letter head. (BOM can rectify through “IP conflict resolution” for “Retain / Merge”.
In those cases correct IP number are not inserted automatically. Employer should insert through his login.