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under ESI Scheme
 ESI Scheme provides the following major Social Security benefits to the insured persons. 

Medical Benefit 
Full range of medical care to IPs and families  from the date of insured persons entry into insurable employment.     more 
Treatment to family members 
Treatment at outstations
Change in dispensary
Sickness Benefit 
Cash payments to IP during the period of sickness when IP requires medical treatment and abstention from work  more 
How to claim
Extended Sickness Benefit
 Enhanced Sickness Benefit
Maternity Benefit 
Benefit  to Insured Woman during confinement, miscarriage or medical termination of Pregnancy more 
How to claim 
confinement expenses
Disablement Benefit 
Benefit to Insured Person on any disablement caused by employment injury more 
Temporary disablement benefit
Permanent disablement benefit
Dependant Benefit 
Dependant Benefit is payable to dependants of the Insured Person on account of death of Insured Person while in employment.
more  How to claim | Eligibility |  Payments
Funeral Expenses
Know more about the reimbursement of funeral expenses incurred in case of the death of an IP
Old age medical care
Retired ! Don't worry.. we care your health  click for more details 
Unemployment allowance Scheme
Know all about Unemployment Allowance, new scheme from ESI  for Insured Persons. more
  Download claim forms
All the forms used for claiming benefits are in this website. Download it from here  
Download forms 
More info.
Suspension of benefits 
Benefits not to be combined
Persons not entitled to receive benefits 
Conditions to be observed by recipients of benefits 
Benefit during strike 
Exemption from one or more provisions related to benefits 

Misuse of benefits 
Repayment of benefit improperly received 

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